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Fancharge was started in Santa Monica in 2009 with a mission to provide live music and sports with a tailored solution to better motivate and reward their most valuable customers. Fancharge provides fans with added value and incentives accessible via their mobile phones, in and outside of venues, and provides teams, leagues, entertainers and venues with a unique, direct channel of communication to their customers that translates into better retention, increased sales, and stronger advertising ROI.

For the sports and entertainment industries, Fancharge provides a single, integrated solution that leverages the latest capabilities in mobile media, social networking, commerce, advertising and CRM .

For fans, it provides a quick and satisfying way to reap rewards for loyal attendance and game viewing, and to enjoy the benefits of being ubiquitously connected to their favorite stars, teams or venues whenever or wherever they want.

Fancharge's groundbreaking technology and business innovations re-invent the relationship between sports and entertainment brands and their best customers. For a demonstration or more information, contact